Who better to help you with the present crisis of corruption in the administration of public education than 2 educated moms? The failed leadership at all levels of government has created a vacuum of desperation among parents and educators in the school community. 

Protecting children from institutional harm unites caretakers and advocates alike behind a singular cause: to return the focus of NJ schools to its mission to protect and serve its most precious asset, and to ensure the healthy development of core American values as a component of the public education of our youth. 

About Nik and Kristen

Nik began her campaign against state-mandated pandemic rules when she uncovered data that showed state mandates were harmful to a population of young healthy people who have a near-zero risk of harm from the disease itself. Qualifying her voice comes in the form of her vast knowledge of data science. Her expertise lies in her extensive career as a biostatistician with 25 years experience. Nik’s unique expertise includes analyzing and reporting statistical results for Phase 1, 2 and 3  clinical trials for submission to the FDA. In addition to her medical research consulting business and saving the world, Nik enjoys her free time on adventures with her 2 teenagers and husband.

Kristen Sinclair is a practicing attorney, mother of two sons, wife, and lover of freedom and the preservation of our precious constitutional rights. Kristen supports the CAC mission through outreach to press and governmental entities, as well by generating information for the free newsletter issued by CAC to its members at no charge to members. Kristen conducts small group trainings, attends Board meetings with parents to provide guidance for effective advocacy, and supplies parents with writing samples to assist them in self-representing their children's voices.

The volunteer work of Nikki and Kristen is devoted to their passion for liberating NJ schools from the physical, mental and emotional burdens unfairly being shouldered by children and educators alike. 

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