Kids & Parents Vs. Sean Spiller & NJEA

You have done a wonderful job sending emails and calling the legislature last week. YOU MADE SUCH AN IMPACT that NOW the democrats are ACTUALLY on our side. This Monday, the legislature WAS planning on voting on a bill that writes OUT Murphy’s orders against the schools. Murphy will keep his executive orders for 90 days on EVERYTHING except for OUR CHILDREN. As of the decisions Friday we were on the way to a win!


Sean Spiller, head of the NJEA got wind of the change and is now getting the members of the NJEA to convince the legislature to keep THE MASKS ON OUR CHILDREN! He is trying to undo all the hard work that YOU did!!

I can’t believe how hateful someone can be that runs a powerful political organization which influences the lives of our kids. He wants to keep the mental health pandemic going. He wants to keep hurting our children. Its been almost 2 years of mask wearing for kids and we are at the highest rate of infection. It is crystal clear that masks have failed and we need to end this NOW. Sean is using our children as a stepping stone to his political career. If he can lead his minions to make change against the will of the parents then he will further his power.

We can’t let this happen.

Please continue to write to your legislature. We must end these laws that allow the abuse of our children. E-mail Addresses below.