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They’re not just grooming kids in schools, they’re supplying our kids to feed the sex market on Grindr and other adult apps. They’re creating willful youth participants. The next step will be to lower the age of consent. They’re also teaching our kids to lie to us and creating barriers between kids and their families by teaching children not only that there are genders, but how to choose a gender, and how to hide it. It becomes a secret between the school and the child. When the parent finds out, they are flagged as a possible harm to their own child, and they will be referred for therapy.

Parents need to ask themselves: are schools safe for our children? Do we need to worry about what’s being shown to young children? We used to tell our kids to watch our for strangers who might hurt them. People our kids trust are poised to hurt them. Parents need to wake up fast.

If I sent my kid to my church, or any church, and a staff member showed my (minor) kid this stuff, they’d be arrested. Why is porn okay when teachers introduce it to our kids? Why are teachers instructing children about preferred sexual positions and best ways to masturbate? Why are teachers happy to teach it? Why are teachers adamant about I teaching it? Why are teachers defending teaching it?

Now is the time for the big questions.

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Great piece! This is exactly why I’m not signing the “book contract” sent home from the high school yesterday. They want parents to sign off on potentially “mature content” availability in the school and public library.

A. Dear school - define “mature content”.

B. Dear school - are you saying you know there’s inappropriate content for all the minors in school in your very own library?


I hope the town library doesn’t have such things and the school should NOT have any, at all.

Thank you for this article. Clearly my instinct is correct and the school are doing a CYA!!

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There is a gay group that is absolutely against what is going on. They are totally against this type of behavior. I don't know the name, saw them on a news outlet. Maybe reach out to them and see if they would picket along with us the NJEA.

Just a thought!

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