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We'll be discussing this on this afternoon's News Rodeo. I've been keeping an eye on this from the beginning (with a short lapse that MG thankfully corrected). This is only the tip of the iceberg, folks. This is happening to the nth degree all over this country.

PS: excellent formatting, MG! Good use of fonts, colors, etc, to keep things eye-catching w/o being over the top. Job well done.

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Outstanding work MG; this is the most important story of the many you have exposed. I respectfully disagree with the commenter advocating moving, for many reasons but the most salient is, there isn't anywhere to go that has not been infected with the same ideological mind virus. A slightly less radical but strong course is to boycott the public schools wherever this corruption is exposed (and to repeat, its everywhere). Seriously, no students = no money; the game stops if we refuse to play. Many practical issues with keeping your kids home, I know, but the resources for home/pod schooling are extensive and the number of people doing has increased exponentially in the last 3 years. The public school system must be reformed from the ground up or abandoned.

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Patricia sent you and others a picture of a Mayor telling the board to resign or they will be charged. This is what we need to do in the whole state, every county at municipality at one time.

We need a team of attorneys willing to help without charging tons of money, because for them its about the money. We have to do something that will start this project going.

No matter what we do and say, they are still there. No matter who we elect, its not happening the way we had hoped. We must hit these people in their own individual pockets, in my mind its the only way.

I am not a fan of attorneys, but something needs to happen, yesterday. If you need a committee to get this going, lets do this asap.

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The best anyone can do is move. To stay is to live in hell and ruin a good portion of your children’s childhood. I personally would take my family out of that environment. Even if it cost me everything. Been there, and already done that.

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Great column. One of the best so far to date. If people don’t think that this stuff is real, please come right this way. SMH. This is crazy.

Just curious- any litigation related with these issues yet?

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