The state board meeting is 5/4 and will vote on the Health standards. Write them today! Sample letter below.



I am writing to implore you to please push back required implementation date of the New Jersey learning standard  (2020 NJLS) from September 2022 and I further request that it be amended as well as provide another six months for public review.

The sexualization of such young children is a burden too heavy for them to carry. It is inappropriate and will cause certain harm to every student. Once children have been stripped of their innocence there is no giving it back. My fifth grader believes in Santa Claus and plays with dolls. Under this new standard she would be expected to learn about masturbation. A year from now, in middle school, she will expected to learn about vaginal anal and oral sex, abortion and other grossly inappropriate topics prior to High School. This standard simply does not apply to the Maturity level of most children.

With nearly two years of learning loss in New Jersey public schools, disproportionately implemented across the state where some schools were online and some in person and some half-day and somewhere full day, I feel that there are much more important things to be addressing in education at this point than gender identity and gross sexualization.

This new law of sexualization is the straw that broke the camels back.  It is the main reason that many parents, like myself, are at the point where the only option is to remove our children from the public school system.

Please reconsider opening this up for public comment and pushing it back so that many voices can be heard.

I can assure you that I am not alone in my opinions on this matter.