Sitemap - 2023 - Chaos and Control

Hate is OK as Long as its Coming from BLM

Classroom Crossfire: : Exploring Israel vs. Palestine Protests Through Radical Pedagogy

Getting Trashed by Your Neighbors

How Young is Too Young?

Something's Rotten in Flemington

NJEA & Sexualization of Kids and Teachers

Post School Board Election Meeting

Election Throwdown

Meet the BOE, Eileen Bleistine and Ed Durr

BOE Race is Getting Ugly

Exposed: The Woke Strategy Handbook

Pennacchio, Testa, Webber on Parental Rights

Schools Violating the Obscenity Law

Parents Vs. the Progressive Dem Machine

Progressive Left Organizations Gaslighting Parents

LAWSUIT: Parent Vs. Cherry Hill - Policy 5756

NJ's Vulnerable Kids

BREAKING:Racially Motivated Fight in Cherry Hill Schools

Beware of the Bad Apples

Climate Change, Universal Pre-K, Failing Seniors, Chapter 7, What is Mandatory?

WINNING: Parental Notification

Is Transgenderism a Pathology?

Schools Repealing Policy 5756

Why is Westwood So Woke?

Parental Rights Spell Trouble for Democrats

Take Action: Eliminate Policy 5756

Duty to Inform Parents

Taking Back Parental Rights Legally

Democrat Dark Money and BOEs - Part 2

NJPEC - Potential Ethics Charges

Democrat Dark Money and BOEs - Part 1

Meet up Sept 6th at 1PM

How Did We Get Here?

Opt Out Letter 2023/2024


Its NOT "Book Banning"

BE THERE 8/15/23 Monmouth County Courthouse

Proposed BAN on Town Council Member by BOE


IMMEDIATE ATTENTION: NJDOE Eliminates Genders, Drops Equality, Adds CRT

Weird Lib Rant by BOE Member

Run for BOE - Webinar

Windfarms, Murphy and Goldman Sachs

Warning-Deadline Approaching!


Parents Go After Platkin

Battle in Colts Neck BOE

Rainbow Flags Valued Over Academics

"Shove It Up Your Cornhole, Bigot."

Call the AG office 1 (609) 984-5828

BREAKING: 3 More Districts Vote for Parental Rights and Transparency

Parent Freedom of Speech Under Attack

Mrs. Bauer's 1st Grade Gender Lesson

4119% Increase in Non-Binary Students

Smug C*nts Deserve Cyber Terrorism

Roxbury BOE: Exposing Unfavorable Conditions

Close Confinement as School Punishment

Punished for Removing Porn

The NJ State AG Attacks BOE and Parental Rights

COVID19, HPV and FLU may be REQUIRED For School Attendance

Welcome Back!

Reminiscing Over the Family Snuff Film

2023 Board of Ed Elections - Who's Running?

The Truth About the Roxbury Librarian

Anti-Racist Lessons

Librarian Unhinged

We Don't Need No (Sex) Education

Halt the Windfarm Project

Still Wearing the Slave Mask at the DR? WHY?

We are NOT Book Banning

David’s Next Challenge

Culture Of Violence In NJ Schools

Let's Clear the Air

Critical Race Theory

HS Cartoon Porn Assignment

Child Abuse =Restricting Gender Affirming Care

Schools Shocking Alliance with the Military to Muzzle a Mom


Activists Flood Sparta Meeting

Trans the Kids with Professional Development

Monkeys, Racism and Dr. Seuss

School Board Member Resigns After Her Stance on Sexual Posters Exposed

Bullying to Suicide

Fighting Mask Mandates... AGAIN!

Turbines Kill the Sea

Help!! Parents Under Attack!!

Middle Schoolers Reading about Orgies.

BREAKING: Government Agencies Coming for Parents

The School Scandal in NJ


Where Da COVID Money At?

12 NJ Mayors Fight the Turbines

Graphic Incest Child Rape Read by 9th Graders

North Atlantic Right Whale

Hammonton Does Opting out Right

No New Taxes

Killing the Right Whale

NJ Government Protecting You From Yourself

Mantua Policy Hides Gender from Parents

#KillTheTurbines #SaveTheWhales

Mayor Stops Free Speech

Making Schools Safe for All Kids

Making the Leap

Top 10 Outrageous Stories of 2022